When words are not enough,

say it with flowers!


In the Victorian era, flowers were primarily used to deliver messages that couldn't be spoken aloud, each flower has a different meaning. That is why I created my brand to help lovers deliver their silent messages to their loved ones.

A wearable flower that is encased beautifully in a necklace that would last forever and could be worn to symbolize your love would be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Knowing that my pieces will bring kilig to loved ones, and that my creations will be a part of such a romantic experience gives me a huge amount of honor and happiness. A lot of time, effort, and dedication is put into every piece to make it truly special.

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Who is Aina?

I am Aina, a student in the medical field who has a passion for jewelry making. After years of practice, through trial and error, I have mastered the art of jewelry making and have decided to share my designs and creations to all of you guys! Knowing that every piece that I make will make someone's heart full is what motivates me to continue creating.